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Overhead crane

aluminum xy crane overhead crane bridge crane

aluminum xy crane overhead crane bridge crane

Aluminum XY crane also known as aluminum overhead crane or aluminum bridge crane,is widely used in material handling work.The significant feature of aluminum XY crane is ergonomics.The weight of aluminum rail is lighter than steel kbk rail.And its trolley is extremely smooth running thanks to reinforced double nylon wheel and rolling resistance is only 0.25%.
Many industries prefer aluminum xy crane and choose it for material handle work.Such as new energy battery assembly plant often choose aluminum xy crane because of its lightweight and smooth running and also because it is very clean due to anodized surface.Many automotive assembly industry also prefer aluminum xy crane.Because in assembly work,same work must be done repetitvely and an ergonomic material handling solution will be surely a relief to workers meanwhile production efficiency is improved greatly.
A presentation video about aluminum crane rail and accessories on youtube.
In actual work,many choices of aluminum xy crane are available based on your different working requirements.
Monorail,single girder,double girder ,telescopic rail,reinforced rail and curved rail are all available.

In actual work,some customs choose to combine reinforced C rail with aluminum rail.This is a popular design.offer more efficient lifting height.

More details:https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/aluminum-xy-crane-overhead-crane-bridge_1600096025429.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.432e71d2m150p5





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